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Q:       In reviewing the new 30th edition of PPL, on pg. 22 - "time Limits" text box:  shouldn't it state that the applicant desiring to be licensed must make application and sit for exam within the first (1st) year from the Passing Date of the pre licensing course? Where is this time period mentioned? And my second question is: are the terms "passing date" and "completion date" the same in the eyes of FREC? 

A:     The time limits textbox on page 22 is correct as written. Chapter 475 was revised to state that the license application expires two years after it is received by the DBPR. The application is good for two years regardless of whether the applicant sits for the license exam in the first year after passing the course.  (Refer to Sec. 475.181(2), Florida Statutes)

 Also explain to your students that a license application is only good for one license. For example, assume a student submits an application and passes the sales associate exam in the first year after completing the course. Now assume that the student does not complete the post license requirement within the first license cycle. That student cannot go back and take the state license exam again using the original application even though it may not have been a full two years since the application was submitted to the DBPR. Because the initial sales associate license is void, the student must retake the pre license course and file a new application.

 A student completes (satisfactorily fulfills) the sales associate course by passing the end-of-course exam at the conclusion of the course. Therefore, the completion date is the date the student passed the pre license end-of-course exam.

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