By Linda L. Crawford
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This book is designed for prelicensing salesperson and broker students, primarily in the two-year colleges and proprietary schools who require more study and practice in basic math.  The sixth edition contains new multistep problems and solutions in percentages and area/square footage and added material for broker candidates, including a posttest designed specifically for broker students.


Feature: More practice Problems—Over 350 problems, including 70 new chapter questions.
Benefit: Hands-on math application that allows students to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and determine where further review is necessary Feature: Focus on the Broker!  A new chapter section and practice problems that clearly identify broker-level topics.
Expanding the market of the book to brokers (both licensed and potential brokers)

Feature: Broker post-test to accompany the original two sales associate post-tests
Benefit: Allows broker students to test what they’ve learned and see where they need additional review.

                        Feature: Multistep problems such areas as percent calculations, and square footage/area calculations take basic real estate math to an intermediate level.
 Broadens coverage of book, with basic math, intermediate math and broker-level problems and solutions, all in a workbook style.

Feature: New page design
Clean, new page design clearly identifies Examples, Formulas, important math “Hints” and Practice Problems.  Design leaves room for students to work math problems and write answers.

Feature:  Excellent basic math reference text, with detailed table of contents.
Benefit:   Allows salesperson and broker students to research useful math topics and formulas. Helpful for licensed agents using math in their real estate practice

Feature: Pretest
Benefit: The 25-question pretest allows student to gauge where they currently are in terms of math knowledge. It also will allow students to see where their weaknesses lie and focus on those topics.

Feature: Answer keys with explanations
Benefit: Detailed explanations in the answer keys allow students to understand why an answer is incorrect and learn the proper methods for obtaining math solutions.

Benefit: Feature: Closing Statement problem to complete by the student
Benefit: Gives the student a real-life problem to work out, showing them how they will use math in their daily real estate practice



Table of Contents

You and This Book

Chapter 1 Review of Basics
Chapter 2 Fractions, Decimals, Percent
Chapter 3 Using Percent in Real Estate
Chapter 4 Legal Descriptions and Area Problems
Chapter 5 Mortgage Math
Chapter 6 Real Estate Taxes
Chapter 7 Appraising and Investing Calculations
Chapter 8 Computations and Closing Statements

Posttest One

Posttest One Answer Key & Solutions

Posttest Two

Posttest Two Answer Key & Solutions

Posttest Three (Broker Candidates)

Posttest Three Answer Key & Solutions


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